Third Track:Other than ‘0’ and ‘1’

I don’t think that to describe about “Dilemma” would be quite interesting, you can always Google it(as my mentors say). So the thing about third  track is to not get confused between two choices, lets drop down both and create another better choice. I am dealing  with computational problems daily which also includes some projects which lasts up to one month if the dead line is  of one week. Sometimes I wonder that is these computers taught us no to care?. May be my mentors will kick me out of the lab after reading this but then too. We humans taught computers how to behave, we still do, which in other words called programming. Mentors wants to always keep awake that human being who can make thousands of computers but still care about a man who is sitting next to me and ask him “how are you?“. I want to programme a computer which can understand something other than 0 and 1. May be its impossible but we always have better machine than computers which we call  human beings. Today we humans are lacking only in one thing i.e care. Whenever we try  to solve a thing without possibilities it turned out to be bad and computer doesn’t work on possibilities It works on precision. I also agree that people who created computers didn’t wanted to create another human, they want to make something which was beneficial until they they programme the computers not vice versa. I always seek something like human between these hundreds of computers, which can inspire me and fortunately in my lab there is one. He doesn’t visits our lab much but yet he’s the smartest guy between us. Today we all are losing something which is called humanity and it need to be preserved.


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