Rationality Of Culture

Today while having breakfast, two of my professors was talking about the present education system. I was curiously sitting beside them, listening their talk, later I joined them and became the part of the whole talk. The very basic point, one of the professor made was “You should learn how to learn“. Though I wasn’t listening this for the first time but then too it made me think about the rationality of culture.

In today’s generation the awareness or knowledge of culture is not in a situation which can be passed on to another upcoming generations. One of the reason is that they failed to understand the mutual relation between culture, religion and society. As being the part of present generation I know freedom is big factor of today’s lifestyle and people(of  present generation) think that society limits their freedom which no longer called freedom but slavery but I totally disagree with these type of vision they have. They also think that society forces to adapt to a religion and then forcefully practice culture. Religion practices different culture and society adapts different religion. Culture teaches us how to excel in our work irrespective of what our work is. The same point what my professor made, it teaches us how to learn. It reminds of the day when I was coming back to asram late night at 10 from college one of our senior most swamy who is also a teacher and the most respected person was sitting in front of an old man and putting questions and patiently listening to the answers. So is that the culture who taught him to put his ego aside and listen to the old man answers curiously and also the old man was less qualified than him.

Today increasing of the suicides rates is one of the outcome of the same. Some I have been ignored by many people, I don’t because of my attitude but every time I meet these people, I call them until they listen to me and reply back. My culture taught me how to get knowledge even if you are ignored. I am not a religious person but I know I have a responsibility towards society which is not limited to a district, state, country or this world. The only way I can succeed and fulfill the responsibilities  is through culture. Which makes life to be responsive towards me, at least I would not be ignored by life.


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