Miserable Smile

For the first time I am feeling awkward to smile and same for laughing too. I love to talk and people hate to listen, I was trying to talk less and ignore people sometimes and it is going great but the only thing which is helping in this is to be miserable. So whenever I am miserable I talk less, the people who talk less are the most sensitive ones. They feel everything, they notice everything but they ignore them or try to act passive towards the issue.

It is effecting my view towards various things, there’s always a  negative feeling I am getting every time I face some difficulty but then I remember the people making fun of me but now that I am talking less they don’t get any point to make fun. So the question still stands will it have a positive effect on my personality or I will be acting cool when I am not? .

Previously may be now also, I really believe talking makes one smarter each second. If your friend’s won’t make fun you, the incident won’t be remember and you will not correct that. They are very less people may be in single digit when counted who comes to you daily and asks you how are you?. This question matters more when you are away from you house and parents.

At last people want to see the real you, there can be two probability either they will like you as they will never leave you or they hate you as never they did to anyone. May be I am afraid of hate more now. More you talk the more people will know you, I really have such people in life who really knows me and they are aware what kind of person I am. So may be at many times they have clear decision for the critical situation in which I am involved too.

I am again in dilemma, will it help? is it really working? will it have a positive effect?. Do society really needs smarter people though I don’t believe that people who talks less are smarter but do you really think before answering the guy who asked you ‘how are you?’ that he’s smart?. Well for me knowing someone matters more than to know that he/she is smart.

Dilemma is practised by the society at every thing, every place and every time the only thing matters for your life is the way you decide. Did you really choose a path or you are stuck, if stuck then at what cost?. My decision for this dilemma will never effect society. I mean who really cares that I talk less or more but it is going to effect is my life. Which I am looking forward to.

Please keep doing these types of experiments with your life that’s how you will get to know yourself more efficiently without facing big losses in future. You need to know about yourself more than anyone else.




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