Heavy Stones

An incident happened few years back, I was in 7 grade and I had my maths exam. I still remember that previous night I couldn’t even slept properly because I was so prepared for the exam and just excited to see the question paper. The moment I got examination paper in my hand, all the answers was automatically getting written in my mind at the same time, all I have to do now know is to copy it. I was half way and suddenly heard the bell, couldn’t believe what it was but then invigilator speaks that only 5min and there’s nothing I could have done to do anything for rest of the marks.

I cried all day and asked school administration to call my dad and ask him to pick me up. After few hours two guys came to pick me, I thought my father could have sen them but then I never saw them. They took me to my father, he was sitting on side of a road and he met with an accident.

I still and always feel guilty for this thing I did. May be I could have done the exam well, maybe I should have shown some courage even after loosing half of the marks etc then maybe I shouldn’t have called my father and I could not had suffered because of me and didn’t got that scar on his body too.

After that day and a long time I got the same feeling, I got an experiment to plot a graph of V vs I of diode characteristics which I did in my school days too but today I didn’t got the output but this time I am not gonna make the same mistake, I ll figure this out.

There’s always time to rest and think and act according to the situation but you should be alert because this time cost some damage to someone and it would always be you to suffer that. I gives a lot of pain which much larger than failing in the maths exam even if I knew the answers. I think difficulty is not in achieving the success but accepting your failures but can you achieve success without doing that? 


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