Ignored Words

Not sometimes may be many times it may happened to you that you said something very important, philosophical, ideal, smart etc and the listener ignored. At this point its very hard to understands his psychology and it really matters to judge exactly what should we feel based on the reaction to our action.

People ignores me every day so should I take it as they don’t have tendency to face me or they really don’t want to. Its in human nature we always ignore things which are either very difficult to face(nothing like this exist, just the delusion) or we are so much overconfident that we assume that this is easy task(confidence always tends towards experience which doesn’t mean that you don’t have to try, it means that you should try even if its the same thing for a much better result). Isn’t will be a disappointment for them in the future, I mean disappointment is not a thing to be underestimated. Behind every relation, every business deal, every scientific research etc disappointment is considered as rational factor which has affects result at a very different level.

In this world especially when you are at learning stage of your life(which never ends), you shouldn’t ignore things no matter how senseless they are or how they gonna make difference in your life or not. I have learned that ignorance always lead to darkness and knowledge always lead you to light. You always have this choice to make after which words like destiny and prophecy  doesn’t make sense.




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