Stones Not Always Sparks

An hour ago I was filling up my bottle and outside of the gate I saw a guy reading a book which can be normal but not at 2 @ night. I went there and I somehow scared which was unintentional but then I sat with him on the low stairs outside the gate. He is here with his wife and two children to see Amma and that was not the only thing he came for.

He is a computer scientist and quit his job in France. He thinks he lost his confidence and spirit and until he gets these things back he’s not gonna look for another job. Definitely this guy was not so much aware of what he’s doing and for what.

May be this can be the case with anyone of us if keep going with flow because one day we are gonna get stuck at some place, at some point of time where it will be hard to figure out what we did in that past was worth and now what I am going to do will something which can lead me to light . Is that necessary to have answer to these questions which hardly matters to other people because all they ask you about is college degree or the job and they will judge you based on that, not what you are but do you gonna have something which they need.

Responsibility is something which reminds us the consequences which is for all whys whats and hows. People today are so busy in themselves so rigid which no doubt they achieve but they need to thing that when they will bottom, they are gonna break and every piece will fall so apart that will take ages to get back and if they did it would be ugly because of all that cracks.

Knowing oneself is equally important than achieving excellence in any subject. It itself feels like success when you achieve that. Its easy to answer every others question but it would be way much difficult to answer when life questions and the hardest part comes when you fail. Many after that looks for the answers but many doesn’t have the courage, they end up getting suicide. It is the point where you feel more responsible or not responsible at all but forgets the responsibility on their own life.

The ideology that if you own a thing then you can destroy it as well , is wrong apparently and this is getting in young generation’s mind which is also a reason there’s been a increase in suicide numbers. This is the time when people think that they own their life and can destroy whenever they want.

One should know oneself because one day for sure they gonna need those answers. Take break, it is always be an option but never quit out frustration or being impatient. It’s your life and you will be definitely gonna figure out the answers in limited time but It will enough for you getting out that phase.

Stones will not always spark but please keep trying until the hope is enlightened again because without hope life is a body without soul.


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