Challenge of Survival Ended Up Surviving

I was travelling to my home and I saw a 4-6 years old boy in train begging for money. I asked a tea vendor to give a cup of tea to the boy. After I paid he took the glass somewhere which didn’t noticed but soon after that he came back asking for money.To distract him I asked that how much he has in his fist, he counted and told 20 but it was actually 19. I tried to convince him but he kept on saying that it 20. The elder girl sitting next to me gave 5 and after that I again asked the total count he again replied that it is 25.


The child who hardly knows what he is begging and why? Because if he had then he should have sat there and drank that tea and asked for biscuit too. How small there life is, it starts from challenge of survival and ends at surviving. They don’t even smile, it is a too big word to be defined in the situation from which they are going through. People laugh and smile at them, they stare at them for a few minutes and then forgets everything as nothing even existed. Even if they have contributed 5 does that even add any to the child who hardly knows what do with money, what can be done and who hardly knows what is the right thing to buy.

So the question stands here is who has the power or what can really change their life on better side? Is it money? Which they will have to pay at end of the day to the corrupt people who are running this whole racket. Can education? There are many educated people who earn more than enough to feed 100 citizens along with them. Does education gave them knowledge of understanding? Or does it made them so harsh to ignore these situations. Is money all they need?.

Some time I feel very uncomfortable to breathe in a society which has no mercy on the lives who never appeared for the running race but still have to suffer without knowing why?. How can any one can convince them to suffer?

I feel weak when I look into their eyes, how did they managed to fight like this, honestly I can’t. I see my parents, relatives, friends  worrying, fighting, arguing about small things which hardly matters after few minutes. Have we ever thought doing same for a better reason, better result which can really change someone’s life.


At last fact remains the same, it’s our society, we have to be responsible to every child and their suffering. We have to responsible for all wrong actions and their consequences to realise that if there’s something who can make it right is us. To feel that yes society needs us, without us the society is like a impaired which can stop their child from begging. If you can help someone to breathe, your life has done more than anything it could do. Society is incomplete without your contribution.


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