A Room Without a Door

Relations are always confined between the 4 walls of expectations. Being definite in area, it feels endless where I feel everything for real. I can’t predict the world outside this room but as of now that seem unreal. I am not allowed to seek outside if the door but as soon as I do that it will no longer be a room and everything will be more congested at the same time frustrating. After stepping out I feel absence of something strong which tends the atmosphere to shrink. My curiosity is overcoming the patience to live in the same space in which I hardly missed anything.There’s space every out/in space the difference is how far the vision goes. At time’s I am not able battle anymore, I need to be with somebody who can hold a partial weight and stop this time from unlocking the door.

Sometimes I feel connected to the relation inside and I knock and knock till I get any response. People lose much things with time than we see, I want to open it soon until it dies out of suffocation. I guess it is not the room which makes us feel suffocated it’s all illusory in our mind but in this relative world, real is illusory if my mind do so.

Your absence makes me endless in time, the more close I feel the more finite it becomes. Finite is a way to define the limited possibilities and more chance of being happy. How complicated the world is which need more complicated words to explain. May be something more easy can explain my life too where the dreams can exactly be placed in both of our worlds. I continue to find the door and trying to define these endless possibilities with my finite thoughts.


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