As been always complicated this time it was more than I ever experienced. Though situations are not comparable but it’s approachable, this time I failed to accept the situation. I think it was from the other side too and the timeline was also in conflict with both of the lives.Suddenly I started losing the confidence and that was evident in every word I speak, every idea I think of and every action either it is voluntary or involuntary. I tried to be separate and observe because at last it is only thing which can guide me to my present and may be my presence will be awkward to the other. It was more convincing and I couldn’t figure out whether it is really affecting and then got a clue. I again tried to make all clean but forgot that time cannot be reverted nor actions.

Being in an illusion makes situation more miserable when realised that reality is a parallel timeline and illusions are no longer supported by it. I have to jump into it and accept the situations and I will be impaired with many disabilities. Still inside I am not convinced, I think just because I don’t want to.

Now I can see only two ends, I thought I could be in between but guess it doesn’t work that way. We always convince the situation to be in a way that is favourable to the other. I better be on the side which can’t link between the lives. I choose to wait until situation gets better and try to not approach in any timeline.

Illusions are created when we desire of something which is not actually possible in the real timeline. A life cannot survive on two timelines but two lives can survive on one. I feel it’s good not to think much, if I can then I could have done it long back. I appreciate people who can ignore, situations, conditions, those lives are may be simple. I am incapable of doing that and that’s the most complex problem I ever came across.


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