Changing Times

Sometimes, you feel to let go of things when everything goes wrong and you don’t want to make it worse. Every effort you make to change everything to right, will be considered as right. The point you want to make sure that this situation do not leave any scar in life. You probably loose confidence to think all of these and you know whatever is happening to you now is an outcome of your past actions, either accept it or not and you never expected, you don’t want to except from anything anymore.

After my GSoC proposal got rejected, I had no idea of how I will spend my vacations. After few days my friend was applying for vocational training in L&T Power which recently got contract for building Electrical Bay and boiler feedback at RAPP(Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant) and I applied for the same but unfortunately the application got rejected.

On 27th of May I got an email regarding approval of my application and they also mentioned reporting time which was on 30th of May at 8:30 AM. It was my first job (despite of the fact that it is just for 30 days), I couldn’t let this thing go wrong. I wanted beat my fate and I took the risk of going there without any train reservation. It take 42-44 hrs to reach Rajasthan so without having a second thought I left hostel with some clothes in a bag and some important documents.

Day 1 & Day 2

With a ticket of general class I reached Mangalore, next morning and from there I took a train to Madgaon. It was an intercity train so I managed to get some sleep. After reaching Madgaon, I asked for a ticket of general class again but this time there was no general coach. Later I got to know to know that actually it is Jan Shatabdi Express whose reservation booking closed a day before. Other trains were scheduled in the night so I had to get into that train anyhow. I asked a TTE and he recommended paying the fine, I paid the fine and managed to get into the train though I stood for the whole journey till Dadar.

Day 3

I reached Dadar at midnight 12 and inquired for a train till Kota, there I got to know that there’s a train in the morning from Bandra Terminus. I reached Bandra but the ticket counter was closed so I had to spend night there and wait till the counter reopens. I slept at the station, at 5:10 AM there was another train but the counter was still closed and there was no general coach, again it was full AC. I got into TTE’s coach and tried to explain him my situation so indirectly there was no other way than to bribe him. I had also limited money so this time fine was not an option.

He agreed but 15 min before reaching Kota, TTE got changed and the new one came to me and asked my seat no: I actually got caught but somehow I convinced him too. I reached Kota and it was an amazing feeling. At last I completed a journey of 49 hours without any expectation or a planning at any point of time.

After few days I got leave for a week and I decided to go home but unfortunately while travelling from village to the railway station my wallet got stolen, all I had was some coins which I used to  collect in a small pocket in my bag. I didn’t had enough money to buy a ticket so I decided to travel without ticket in general class,  of ‘course but before that I had to block my ATM card. Next day morning I reached Delhi and managed to pay the fair for a metro token, finally I reached home. My parents scolded me a lot but I had my best adventure.

I didn’t had any Smartphone or mp3 player so I spent most of time by talking to people. I had two encounters with drug dealers, one when I stepped in the first train, from Kayankulum to Manglore. He an old man and was very confident of having every brand he could provide. I feel he was not selling a drug but a weapon which can only be used to destroy own life. I remember the statement he gave to sound promising, he said -“if a guy wants to have drug or alcohol then he will get it anyway, no matter if I sell or not, he will get from someone else”. This was the statement which proved him so wrong and also how wrong consumers are because when you are buying for yourself, you are creating a demand which could possibly destroy hundreds of other lives too. Second encounter when I was roaming in Bandra at night and I took and auto from Bandra station to Bandra Terminus, the auto driver  was younger than me by a year or so and he asked for a drug packet from his friend saying that he will pay him later. I saw both sides(the consumer and the seller) and I am still confused who to blame and who is responsible, who is predator and who is prey, who is vulnerable and who is resilient?.

Nothing’s much changed but I had best 49 hours of my life I ever spent in traveling so I got some great memories. We all hustle for satisfaction, which was the most unfamiliar word I had in my mind.


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