This time I will start with a basic concept of physics so that the readers should actually figure out the reality which will be of course relative. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, it says that momentum and position are uncertain so if take momentum then we are able to find the position and vice-versa. It is uncertain because he failed to find a third variable which can be used to define both.

Without any reference, nothing’s defined nor has the identity. So now question stands that do you really want an identity but if you’re curious and want to explore the smallest to the largest existent thing, you need an identity. So if humans are meant to be curious then is it possible for him to lose his identity. Do you want to be in the space where nothing will exist to observe and yet the reference which will ultimately define you?. Is there anything uncertain? If there is then why we are aware that is it present in that space. We dream and at that particular state we are not aware that we are in deep sleep so our identity as the human who is sleeping is uncertain.

So till now, we are pretty much sure that as humans, we ought to be curious and thus it is impossible for us to explore and be curious with out identity which proves that we are not uncertain in any state either it is the dream or the physical world except we acquire a different identity. So in the dream, we are defined differently in the virtual world which is quite normal apart from the laws which both worlds follow. So if we are aware of something that means it is also uncertain and got the identity.

A reality is like the cartesian coordinate system where you stand at the origin and some endless planes like time, position, state etc. So if something is uncertain then is non-existent in the reference plane of reality that means it is unreal and we are not aware. So all this proves that if a particle has certain momentum at a certain position and we are aware of that then they are not uncertain. So if you aware of something then consider it real because it really is even though you are not able to see it. All this leaves us with the ultimate question-“Are we curious about uncertainty and if figure out by any means, was it really uncertain?”


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