The Unconvinced Shine

So what it feels like when someone tries to wake you in the morning and you still feel tired, may the dream not ended well too. Do you respond the person with same happiness and excitement, the more pleasurable than ever expected?. I recently got a chance and responded in a way bad to the situation where someone was trying to pull me out from the bed and making me realise that it was just a dream and everything’s gonna change with a cup of tea. I tried to explain the dream I had and the impressions I am still having so may be I made him scared too and also my response was not at all pleasant. So now that someone chooses to leave me there with my situations and then I realised that it was not my dream which made him leave, it was my attachment towards a way bad experience which I had.

Nothing makes life easy but the way you respond to people is solely on your behalf and there the excuse of a bad experience is invalid. Now half of the time it is a bad dream and the other half is your response. I should have held the wrist and could have asked for accompanying me for the tea. With that, I could be able to manage a much shining morning which could be left unaffected by the dream I had.

Despite sharing your experience, you forget to give a space to their thoughts and convincing ideas. They give all their effort just to convince you that things can still be made better.  The mind becomes more narrow to see a light which brightens your room but you keep hurting yourself in darkness, falling and tackling to the objects which you can’t see. Also, you proved that there first effort in the morning was a waste and may be for the whole day they will feel defeated.


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