First Hackathon: A Problem to Solve

I recently participated in a hackathon hosted by an airline company which believes in providing premium services to consumers which covers a very less part of the population. It was my first experience and as an experience, it went quite good but it is really humiliating when someone shows up at 2 A.M in the night and tags our project like “Shit”. On top of that states his attitude as “blunt”, I doubt he can’t see a fine line between blunt and rude. But still, we worked on the idea believing that we can at least finish the project we thought.

I think it was my team who motivated me to sit in a room for 30hrs and every one was sincere with their respective work. We kept updating each other about the work and suggesting too, we have changed plans so many times in between the discussion but motive to implement a particular feature always remained the same. We tried several routes for achieving the desired feature. Each of us knew each other’s constraints, considering which we assigned the work. We thought of solving a problem but we ended up creating a commercial product, critics based on the startup presentation like creating your own company with a 30hr product. More than any of these, we were able to bring best out us at any situation whether it is the presentation, technical, management or question to someone, on what foundation they are destroying someone’s idea?.Still between all

Still, between all these harsh hours, we got to know seniors, mentors, and participants more than that I was excited by seeing people coming up with revolutionary ideas which can solve several problems for the common citizens. The interest or self-satisfaction in solving each other’s problem can lead us to a time where people still be facing troubles but no one will be harmed or social problems like sucide and crimes will not be a news to be read in the newspapers.

I think the idea was not only to come up with the best idea but to make effort to solve an issue which can make someone’s life better and that fairly expected. The kind of confidence you get in helping someone is unbeatable with any knowledge you can get for your personal interest.




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