About Dilemma, you can always Google but my motive behind this blog page is to help people come out of dilemma. Sometimes people get stuck where all of their way to certain goals are blocked, So I am finding a way to help them build a way and move on until they find a way to merge to one of the same blocked path. I mostly be writing blogs on practicality of life and the point were the social acts affects an individual life, the point where we have no time to get out dilemma but to react. The University from which I belong, completely believes in providing value based education and also education for life rather than living. Basically I mess with both electrical and computer stuff though it is not prescribed according to the education system of India but how to manage things like passion and hobby. So basically I am too have a dilemma. I am sure that in the end I will solve this but the question is how long will it take.

Please contact me if you have any issue or request for any topic to be blogged on. I am always open to your suggestions.