Why Moodle?

Being a citizen of a country of population more than 1.252 billion and only 64.8% are literate, I know the value of education. I look around and see children are employed when they should play and learn, girls are killed because parents can’t afford expense of rest of her life, corruption is increasing day by day and it is same country where most of the engineers are unemployed. But I don’t want to hate this society for all these reasons, I want to make this place a better one. Where each child in this can learn whatever he/she wants, they can do whatever they want and serve this society in their own ways.

With Moodle I know the best place I can make changes in the society which can affect the cause roots of the social problems. I think everyone is successful if they are surviving each from there situations, I want to give them confidence and make them realise about their potential. Countries with the lowest literacy rate like Niger, Mali, Chad and Somalia needs development in the field of education and then gradually they can develop as a country in all sectors.

Through Moodle I can see the best output affecting people’s lives, where many students and teachers exchange knowledge not because of their personal benefit but more relevantly to make someone’s life more meaningful and I think we should encourage them and support the best way we can.

My father belong’s from a financially poor background, he dropped 3 years because he didn’t had money and resources to pay the school fee. He still continued studying and pursued his bachelor’s but unlike him many children looses interest and starts to work in some or the other shop to fulfill their financial expenses. Each day they survive without knowing that they will able to fill their stomachs even for one time.

These are the only reasons for which contribute to Moodle, each day interacting with the developers, listening to their suggestions and not many time but sometimes getting into debates to decide when something is to be changed. I am evolving as the coder but most importantly as a social being.